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What do you know – weight has slowly been gained and we are now back to where we started 2 years ago (actually a bit higher :/) when Projekt under 80 kg’s started first time (#pu80). So now it’s time to do something about it again – at least I know it is possible.


There is 7 weeks before we are headed for Cape Coral Florida – lets see if it should not be possible to reach 80 with some effort. We are starting out with spinning 2-3 times a week and walking for 30-60 minutes on the days there are no spinning. Hopefully a bike ride or 2 will be possible as well on the non-spinning days.

The diet will change as well – no more x-mas candy or night snack, unless they are off the healthy kind – and a lot more juicing is on the way.




I will start posting pictures taken with my Tamron 150-600 as this has become a great hobby for me – I hope you will enjoy them as well.

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I saw this plane today when canoeing – I am still trying to find out what kind it is 🙂

We also met different kinds of birds, such as the Danish national bird


and a few ducks as well

and the hardest one to catch, especially in flight – a grey heron


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Is the new Momu (Moesgaard Museum) the best museum in Denmark?

After visiting for the first time I would be inclined to say yes. First, the architecture is amazing – they literally build the museum into a field and I mean INTO… Then they added grass on the roof, so it will also act as a Park for the visitors ☺



One of the first things you meet is stair up and down – on the stairs you see how we have evolved from monkeys to homo sapiens and below you can see the Hobbit up close.



We only made it through the robber age, the iron age and the Viking age – so we still have plenty to see out there.



We came in beatiful sunshine and left when it was dark – our 7 year old did not have any problems concentrating for 3+ hours as it was so exciting to watch 🙂



Until next time – we shall be back 🙂

For more information: /www.moesgaardmuseum.dk


When Apple first introduced Family Sharing with iCloud, I was very happy. I thought it finally would solve the issues with multiple iMessages sent to wrong phones and saving the mess of setting iMessage up on one phone, then the next and so forth, to make sure you only received the messages intended to you.

So I set up Family Sharing for the family, own iCloud ID for the wife and kid – not as easy as expected, because since their e-mail adresses already has been used in iMessage, it can not be used as an iCloud ID – go figure…once this first hurdle was overcome, by creating to new iCloud.com ID’s, I set the 2 phones and 2 ipads up, so they now had each of their id’s – that is awesome and once you remember to log out of iMessage and back in, only the numbers and mails associated with this account show up – just as expected…this part is GREAT…


Just before Family sharing got introduced I updated my (our) iCloud account to 200 GB, plenty for backups for the whole family, including ipads…guess what – iCloud GB is NOT shared in family sharing and my family members only have 5GB unless I buy more for them! Also, the apps we can share – the developers has to approve sharing, otherwise they will not be shared. This means my daughters ipad full of games bought on another apple ID cannot be updated because the developers has not approved sharing!!! This may not be apples fault, but this is however still very annoying.


I have actually kept the individual ID’s for iCloud on each unit, so I do not have to worry about iMessage conflicts – I have however switch back to my own (and main ID) for the iTunes store as it is possible to have different ID’s for store and iCloud…this means the apps can now be updated again an music match can be share – it was also not part of Family Sharing…

I still have not found a solution for backups on the family units, but I guess I will have to turn on backup via iTunes as they are already complaining about lack of space in iCloud!

Was this apples idea with Family sharing, simply to make som ekstra dollar on iTunes backup and musicmatch – I hope not, because I think that will just get people to revert back to 1 ID per family!

May I recommend the best tapas in Aarhus – CanBlau

I have the pleasure of knowing the chef and owner of the spanish tapas restaurant CanBlau in the heart of Aarhus.

Jimmy Holm is the head of this great place where the food is at its top of the list. Jimmy has great experience from many years in Barcelona, including El Bulli, maybe one of the most famous restaurants in Barcelona.

I could write a lot of good stuff about this fantastic restaurant, but I am not really a food critic, I just want you to know about the place so you can go and enjoy it for yourself 🙂


There are so many things to try that if you are not familiar with tapas, you should ask for the chefs recommendation on what to try, a few warm and a few cold. I had the “bikini” last time, which is basically just a ham and cheese sandwich, but with a bit of truffle added to the mix and it is without a doubt the best sandwich I ever had (this is my featured image)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and if you meet Jimmy, remember to say hi 🙂

It’s vacation time again :)

Time to update the blog again, now summer is here 🙂

This year, the first time where Annabell has started school, it is now a little “harder” to plan vacation as it has to be within certain week’s and not just when we want to…but so far so good – we have 3 weeks off and we are currently in the beach house at “Vesterhavet” or the West sea, if directly translated. The weather has been perfect, where it normally always storms here, we came to cloudy conditions and within the hour, the sun was here and we hit 28 degrees Celsius which is very unusual in these areas (although I think we got lucky last year as well). There is still a an nice breeze, so it just feels great.

Earlier in the week, we visited Aarhus sand culture festival, that is amazing, what they can build in sand.

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It’s beach time tomorrow and the we go home to pack the suit cases for a week in Spain…more updates to come 🙂


After Key West we went back up and slept on Key Largo in a nice little Marina hotel, where the “international breakfast” was served right on the dock 🙂

20140228-082929.jpgWe the drove in to Miami to get a look a South Beach, but after 4 trips around to find a parking spot – we almost gave up. Instead we find a “duck tour” and took a trip on that, seeing the sites from the road and the water – taking us into the waters around star island and hibiscus island. It was actually a very fun trip with an exceptional good and entertaining guide.